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Cloud computing is a client-server mechanism, one that connects to resources from multiple internet-connected devices. These devices have lower barriers for access to the cloud. It essentially means that applications are made live through the use of many computers that exist online, rather than a local computer or web server. The same concept can be applied to web applications. An access to hosted applications and data along with cloud-based development services together define web applications on cloud. In terms of web development, both Google and Amazon have been leaders of the game. There are other cloud-based development platforms like Codeita which allows developers to do everything from a cloud perspective, be it design, coding or publishing. Hosting web applications on cloud use the same web technologies that power the web. These technologies are referred to as LAMP, which is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Advantages of Web Application on Cloud:

  • Increases data reliability
  • It allows instant software updates.
  • Offers unlimited storage capacity.
  • Allows universal document access.
  • Multiple users can collaborate easily.
  • Data is stored in a cloud infrastructure.
  • Data can be cached locally for full-offline mode.
  • Cloud computing lowers costs of software as well as hardware.
  • It offers support for different user requirements like data backup, data compression and security.
  • It can be used from web browser or custom built apps that are installed on internet connected devices such as desktops, mobile phones

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